Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Buy and Giveaway: ELARI Diaper Wallet

Once you join the mommy club, you become an expert shlepper and a firm supporter of the mantra that you can never be too prepared. When you leave the house with  a baby (or babies)  in tow, you need gear at the ready to cover feeding and diapering on the go, with a wardrobe change and toys for good measure.  Translation: you have to cart around a whole lot of stuff – especially for multiple mothers like myself who need everything times two!

Paint My Chevron Purple

But sometimes if I’m going to a friends house for a playdate or class where I know there are extra blankies and toys, or if I am going for a walk to my parents where there are plenty of supplies, I will only bring the essentials- and that’s where my ELARI Diaper Wallet comes in.


Created by a Canadian mom and her sister, this stylish slim case has room for a few diapers, a zippered compartment for moist wipes, a full size change pad that folds away easily, and pockets for two creams or lotions (or hand sanitizer).


It zips up and can be stashed away easily in a tote bag or your purse, or even thrown in the bottom of your stroller for those “in case” moments. It is even a great addition to your regular diaper bag, when you need to slip into those tiny public bathroom stalls to change your little one, and don’t want to have to squeeze your enormous diaper bag inside and get it all germy.


I love the variety of prints and textures it comes in, which adds a hit of chic to an otherwise messy event! They make for great baby or shower gifts, and are a great option for second time around parents who already have everything they thought they could ever need.


Once your diapering days are over, the wallet can be used as a make up case to stash your brushes, compacts and more, so I like that this product will have a second life. Made in Canada using moisture and mildew-resistant materials, non-toxic dyes, it’s machine washable too so you can keep it nice and clean.

Don't Make Me Teal You Again

The ELARI Diaper Wallet retails from $39.95-$49.95 and can be purchased online on elari.ca or at Li’l Niblets for my fellow Toronto moms. Be sure to like their facebook page as well for creative suggestions on how to use the wallet and to find retailers near you.

If you want to win one for yourself, leave a comment with your name and e-mail by Friday, September 5 at 5pm EST, and I will draw next week and the winner will be contacted directly! (Giveaway is only open to Canadian and American residents with a valid shipping address)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Baby Buy: Kina Lambskin Booties

Now that I’m over six months in to this whole motherhood thing (six of the simultaneously fastest yet slowest months of my life), I wanted to share some of my favourite items that the boys and I love. We received so many beautiful gifts, but one of our favourites that I went out and bought more of in the next two sizes up, are KINA booties.

Kina Lamb Booties - Natural

These adorable lambskin booties are handmade in New Zealand and have become a daily fixture in our wardrobe. Socks really do not like to stay on my little guys’ feet, but these booties have an elastic around the ankle that keeps them on so their tootsies stay nice and warm. The suede sole provides a solid cushion that helps them from slipping and sliding all over the place (they’re getting squirmy!) and I love that the soft shearling lining breathes and stretches with their feet.

We have them in two different colours: natural for Charlie and chocolate for Jack. Advice From A Caterpillar carries them in other colours too, (including a darling pale pink for the ladies) and they cost $55.