Monday, August 11, 2014

Baby Buy: Kina Lambskin Booties

Now that I’m over six months in to this whole motherhood thing (six of the simultaneously fastest yet slowest months of my life), I wanted to share some of my favourite items that the boys and I love. We received so many beautiful gifts, but one of our favourites that I went out and bought more of in the next two sizes up, are KINA booties.

Kina Lamb Booties - Natural

These adorable lambskin booties are handmade in New Zealand and have become a daily fixture in our wardrobe. Socks really do not like to stay on my little guys’ feet, but these booties have an elastic around the ankle that keeps them on so their tootsies stay nice and warm. The suede sole provides a solid cushion that helps them from slipping and sliding all over the place (they’re getting squirmy!) and I love that the soft shearling lining breathes and stretches with their feet.

We have them in two different colours: natural for Charlie and chocolate for Jack. Advice From A Caterpillar carries them in other colours too, (including a darling pale pink for the ladies) and they cost $55.

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