Thursday, May 7, 2015


When I embarked on an endeavor to makeover my childhood bedroom back in January 2008 and chronicle it on a blog, I didn't think anyone would ever read my random musings. Hell it never even crossed my mind that I’d still be going at it over seven years later! (granted there were multiple lengthy breaks in between)

Blogging helped me navigate multiple twists and turns in my career path by opening a lot of doors for me. From starting in television PR to moving to a design firm to becoming the design editor of Style At Home, The World According to Jessica Claire has always been there as an outlet to refine my voice and catalogue my favourite d├ęcor and lifestyle finds, recipes and more along the way.

As I browse through seven years worth of my online ramblings, I also see the personal milestones I hit since hitting "publish" on my first post at the tender age of 23. Moving out into my first apartment, marriage, designing my dream home, motherhood and now I'm excited to share another new chapter: Jessica Claire Interiors. 

My goal is to take on a select few decorating jobs at a time in order to be able to balance work with family. It was hard to leave my position at the magazine behind, but being my own boss gives me the flexibility I need right now. I’ll still produce the occasional editorial story on a freelance basis and will be doing some media appearances now and then, so I hope you'll follow along with my latest decorating adventures on my blog on the brand new

In addition to decor, I'm going to be posting plenty of recipes (those who follow me on instagram and twitter know I have been a busy bee in the kitchen!) so I hope you'll get some cooking and entertaining inspiration as well. 

Jordy of Cabin Co. Design did a fabulous job designing the new website so please take a look around and I'll see you on the new blog!



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