Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Linen Throw Love

Everyone loves cozying up with a throw blanket, but when warmer temps arrive, the polar fleece and faux-fur options can get too heavy. Enter linen, which is not only a lighter and more breathable fabric, but it also drapes beautifully over your sofa or chair.

Designers Guild

The saraille magenta shaded linen throw from Designer’s Guild makes the most of the ombre trend in a juicy colour palette that pairs beautifully with white upholstery.


In a more masculine direction, the washed linen indigo throw from Restoration Hardware is a solid hit of denim blue that adds some nubby texture to your space.


If you want to keep it natural and a little more rustic, you can’t go wrong with the subtle striped Alpine Lodge Linen Blanket by Ralph Lauren.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tea To Go

You can’t go wrong with blue and white, which is excitedly the theme for the upcoming July issue of Style At Home, so it’s no wonder I was drawn to these stunning tumblers at Teavana on the weekend.


The porcelain finish and patterns remind me of an antique lamp I grew up with in my childhood bedroom. Such a stylish way to sip!


PS- how cute are the solid coloured tins from David’s Tea? What a great way to organize your tea collection and add colour to your countertop!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This new Vanitas by Paul BĂ©liveau at Gallerie De Bellefeuille is totally killing me right now. The Coralie Bickford-Smith cover, the Monet water lilies, the Warhol flowers, and that mauve color in the corner…too much!

I am actually using that lillac colour in not one but two different rooms in my house, so I guess it’s not a surprise that I’m salivating over this guy too, which also features the pretty pale purple shade as an accent:

Is this cabinet I spotted at Of Things Past on the weekend not totally ridic? It’s like Kelly Wearstler pastels got mixed in with my grandmother’s chinoiserie all together in one over-the-top piece. The fact that it is sitting on a greek key brass base just pushes it over the edge. Not to mention the pattern and colours totally resemble one of my fabric obsessions that I am incorporating into my den: Manuel Canovas’ Dara from Primavera (you’ll hear more about this gem later on)
Let’s see a close up of this brass greek key base to appreciate how divine this piece is. If no one else buys it and it goes down in price, I may have to cave and buy it- it’s just too crazy not to covet.