Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Career Cruising

My sister just showed me a career matchmaking site: Career Cruising

After answering questions about my likes and dislikes, the website said that I would like the following professions:

1. Set Designer

2. Makeup Artist

3. Costume Designer

4. Chef

5. Cook

6. Taxidermist

7. Special Effects Technician

8. Potter

9. Jeweller

10. Sign Maker

11. Desktop Publisher

12. Craftsperson

13. Fashion Designer

14. Cartoonist

15. Pet Groomer

16. Animal Breeder

17. Criminologist

18. Animator

19. Director of Photography

20. Visual Merchandiser

A lot of the professions are indeed ones that I show interest in, but I have to ask about answer #6



Set designer and chef, on the other hand, sounds lovely thank you very much!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For the love of Missoni

It is no secret that I have a love affair with Missoni. I even plan on naming my future Boston Terrier after my favourite fashion house.

Everything about the legendary Italian family's designs exude perfection to me. From their signature knitwear , to their bed and bath line, to their china, to their human spawn (Margherita - you’re fabulous!) -- I am in awe of everything Missoni.

When the time came to update my childhood bedroom in which I still currently reside, I wanted something that said ‘23’ more than ‘11.’ Immediately my mind went to Missoni as a starting point because my mantra always is and always will be to surround yourself with things that you love and that express your own individual identity.

Once I selected the Isaac print in #59 as a starting point, the rest of the scheme just fell into place. The vibrant shades of purple and orange screamed "live with me!" so I quickly ordered some shams and pillows from Neiman’s and had them shipped to our place in Miami (they don’t ship to the great white north- boo!)

I should note that Horsefeathers Home does carry Missoni home in Canada but the price is literally triple the American price- rude!

Above is the result: my lovely bed. Instead of using the purple linens shown in the Neiman's photo, I went for basic black and white to really make the Isaac print pop! Plus using black and white makes it more versatile so my future husband (whomever he may be) would not take offence to sleeping in a giant easter egg.

Now I have my eye on this beautiful Margherita salad bowl. Unfortunately I can't think of what to do with it and how to use it in my room until it would be transported to my future home where I think I would display it on my kitchen counter filled with fruit. If only there was a small bowl with the same fun pattern that I could actually display or use.

Oh the perils of living at home and only having your bedroom to express yourself!

At least my mom has good taste :)

PS- I recently purchased this funky M Missoni dress, my first piece of clothing from the cheaper label, and just discovered I’ve been wearing it backwards- oops! Haha

Monday, January 28, 2008

Team Macho

If you’re looking for affordable art that’s contemporary, fresh and most of all fun, then meet Team Macho a collaborative effort of five guys who produce such amazing stuff.

I proudly bought my first piece of original art from them last spring and it makes me feel cultured when I look at it and know that I'm starting my very own personal collection of pieces I love.

Below is my beloved Tear Eater.

Below are some other Team Macho favourites that I love:

Besides their art, I love the section on their website called trades, where they'll barter odd items for artwork.

Craigslist Furniture Finds

Even though I'm not in the market for furniture, I find myself drawn to browsing the listings on craigslist for bargain deals and vintage treasures.

Items of particular interest always seem to be retro-shaped sofas and fantastic chairs. They’d need reupholstering and I’d probably refill the cushions, but it’s the thrill of saving a few bucks and customizing my own find that keeps me coming back for more.

Ruthie Sommers is a big inspiration when it comes to sourcing out and customzing vintage finds, as is Sarah Richardson.

I love the lines of this sofa:

UPDATE: I finally found a photo from the latest issue of Domino that features Rashida Jones' NYC appartment. It's on stylecourt, a great design blog. Doesn't Rashida's stunning sofa remind you of this waiting to be rixed up craigslist find?

The colour of this little number below is a scream! It would probably hurt my eyes, but besides the shocking burnt orange hue I also like the shape.

I heart Valentines Day Treats

I'm totally into seasonal baking, but I should stress that “baking” to me means cookies. I don't mean cakes, I don’t mean pastries – I mean cookies and cookies only. A holiday or occasion is all the more reason to embrace themes when it comes to cookies and I don’t hold back when it comes to buying crazy cookies cutters and dazzling decorative sugars.

With that being said, come January I start masterminding my plan for Valentines Day cookies. I think something homemade and personal says way more than a store bought gift on any occasion, but when it comes to Valentines Day, I think it’s even more reason to forgo chintzy Hallmark toys and make something with your own two loving hands.

I should note that making Valentines cookies is not something you need a romantic love to get in the kitchen for. I love making two or three different types of cookies and packaging them up and fed-exing them to my sisters who are away at university. I also make some for my boyfriend’s parents and will bring some in to work because EVERYONE loves cookies.

Williams Sonoma is my inspiration this year, with the gorgeous message heart cookies they are peddling as my goal. I am a master at sugar cookies and all I’ll need to figure out is how to write the messages on them in red icing.

Shall I spray the message using a stencil? Should I pipe it on myself? Should I try and stamp it? A trip to Michael’s will soon give me the answer!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Store of the Week

There are some stores that you'd like to take your time to get lost in. These stores are filled with treasures just waiting to be plucked off the shelf, wrapped into tissue and be given a home on your mantle.

Every week I am going to post about one of these stores, so without further adieu. Here is store of the week #1.


1104 Yonge St (south of St. Clair)

If French country, mirrored furniture, laduree macaroon colours, and linen-scented candles are your thing, then Putti was made for you. This Rosedale shop is a must for all d├ęcor enthusiasts and worth popping into after enjoying a croissant at Patachou .

Putti is owned by a couple who make several trips to Europe annually where they find unique pieces to sell to eager Torontonians. They have an extensive selection of lampe berge products, beautiful antique furniture, delicate crystal chandeliers and unique decorative knick knacks to personalize your home. Add to that fragrant soaps and candles, pillows, notebooks, powder room accessories and more and you have one of the sweetest gift shops in Toronto.

I love the collection of Bon jour Bonne Nuit soaps and candles. They smell so delightful and the packaging is so utterly glamorous. I've always been a sucker for ivory, black and pink. I bought the drawer liners and candle for myself and the pilow soaps for some friends.

If you need a gift, then Putti is a one stop shop for the pickiest princesses and simple simons alike! Their selection of monogrammed powder room accessories make fabulous hostess gifts and there are stunning finds that could sweeten up any little girl's bedroom. If you're shopping for someone else, however, it's safe to say that you'll probably walk out of the store with a little something for yourself too!

PS- on the topic of French, I adore Sephora’s collection of Laduree bath and body products. How precious!?!

5 Top Things To Do On A Cold Canadian Winter Weekend

1. Sip a frothy cup of peppermint hot chocolate from Williams-Sonoma. Better yet, top it off with mini marshmallows and enjoy while reading your new issue of Domino!

2. See a good movie. I saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly last weekend. It was so unbelievably heavy and wondrous at the same time. I went home and downloaded the soundtrack immediately and cannot stop talking about how beyond the film was.

Warning: you may leave the theatre feeling envious of the natural grace and sex appeal many French women have, such as Emmanuelle Seigner, who shines in a supporting role in the film.

3. Listen to your favourite sunny music. It doesn’t have to be as blatant as Kokomo, but anything that perks you up and makes you forget your winter blah’s will do.

If you’re looking for some new sunny tunes, check out Rilo Kiley and Kate Nash. Both happen to be red heads- do I detect a trend?

4.Have a festive predrink and serve a seasonal cocktail, such as my latest cold weather fave: the apple crush.

To make a pitcher that will serve 8 people, mix 2 cups of apple-flavoured rum , 2 tsp ground cinnamon, 5 cups apple juice and ½ cup lemon juice. Mix well and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

5. Put on your comfiest sweatshirt, cuddle up with your significant other or favourite friend/pet/family member and watch a favourite DVD. If you have a cozy throw like the luxury plush one from Restoration Hardware (above) then all the more power to you!

Happy Snuggling!!!


Today is Friday!

This means I'll get to experience many wonders in the next 48 hours, including:

• delicious breakfasts consisting of pure maple syrup and some form of non-kosher bacon goodness

• sleep-ins with (hopefully) sunny mornings that filter warm white sunshine into my attic bedroom

• spontaneous naps on my fur throw

It also means I'll get to participate in at least a couple classes at extreme fitness

I love hip hop with Clarence - he’s so fun and you barely notice you’re doing exercise until the class is over and you’re beet red and sweating through your tank top

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Design Inc. at 3 p.m. every day at work is a new habit of mine.
I find myself laughing everytime Tommy is on screen- he is so jokular. I think I have a friend crush on him- we'd just have so much fun shopping in Rosedale together!
Tommy let's be friends- thanks :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

what do you wanna be when you grow up?

What a loaded question.

One of my sister's answers was, "own a candy store."

Kind of like these folks:

I used to want to be a singer/actress, then a chef, then a journalist, but that has since turned into a PR professional. I'm not married to the occupation but it suits me fine for now. I get to write and I'm earning a salary. I've been told I still have a masters degree somewhere inside of me -- I don't write it off just yet -- but I am working a 9 to 5 so it's not happening in the immediate future.

Anixety over choosing the right profession never ends. I hate how 14-year-old teens are supposed to know what they want to do for the rest of their life when picking their schedule in Grade 9. Being asked to choose high school courses and pre-requesites that will get them into the right university program is enough to give any adolescent an ulcer. What they don't tell you is that it doesn't really go away until you're like 30.

It makes you want to burry under the covers and go play with Grandpa's magial toys instead of face the real world. If you don't believe me go ask the pretty little dutch girl...


New Year...New Blog?

I've got the time, the equipment and the vast array of useless knowledge stuck in my cerebellum, so what better way to channel the above than into my very own blog?

So this is my experiment: the world according to jessica claire (that's me)

I'm starting '08 off an attempt to post about things I want to share, things I want to vent about, things I think are ult (definiton follows), and other random items of interest.

Ult adj. an object, person or place that is aesthetically pleasing, scrumptious, wonderfully put together

I don't really know if I'll keep this up, or if anyone will actually read it for that matter, but you'll never know until you try, right?