Monday, January 28, 2008

I heart Valentines Day Treats

I'm totally into seasonal baking, but I should stress that “baking” to me means cookies. I don't mean cakes, I don’t mean pastries – I mean cookies and cookies only. A holiday or occasion is all the more reason to embrace themes when it comes to cookies and I don’t hold back when it comes to buying crazy cookies cutters and dazzling decorative sugars.

With that being said, come January I start masterminding my plan for Valentines Day cookies. I think something homemade and personal says way more than a store bought gift on any occasion, but when it comes to Valentines Day, I think it’s even more reason to forgo chintzy Hallmark toys and make something with your own two loving hands.

I should note that making Valentines cookies is not something you need a romantic love to get in the kitchen for. I love making two or three different types of cookies and packaging them up and fed-exing them to my sisters who are away at university. I also make some for my boyfriend’s parents and will bring some in to work because EVERYONE loves cookies.

Williams Sonoma is my inspiration this year, with the gorgeous message heart cookies they are peddling as my goal. I am a master at sugar cookies and all I’ll need to figure out is how to write the messages on them in red icing.

Shall I spray the message using a stencil? Should I pipe it on myself? Should I try and stamp it? A trip to Michael’s will soon give me the answer!

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