Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Game. Set. MATCHES.

As a collector of beautiful candles and a total self-confessed pyro, I have always had a thing for pretty matchboxes.

Decorative Matchboxes // Set of 6 Gems

Fuse this love with my affinity for gemstones, and you get this gorgeous set of decorative matchboxes featuring different gems by Lampshade Bash. A set of six will set you back $18, which makes them a fab housewarming present. I just love the hot pink tips!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bang on the Drum

genius use of drums as side tables.  cool little bed for mr. pig.  cozy rug.  the vintage car is up high, which is very practical.  even the granny wallpaper works.

When I was designing the boys’ nursery I was contemplating integrating an antique snare drum table next to the glider.  I love the playful sense of patina it brings to a child-focused space, such as this nursery sourced from Pinterest.


I spotted a very handsome drum at one of the many antique shops outside of Stratford while on our geriatric babymoon but didn’t take it home because it was too wide. It turns out I wasn’t the only one who loved antique drums because Restoration Hardware Baby and Child offers two British 19th Century drum pieces that are totally charming.

19th C. British Drum Bookcase

This large bookcase version for $1,599 is an unexpected take on the motif and offers up great storage for keepsakes, books and more. I love the pop of red – very traditional!

PS- A drum table doesn’t just have to be for kids spaces. Look how sophisticated it looks acting as a bar in this image from Cottages & Garden’s article on Katie Couric’s Hamptons home.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My First Mothers Day Gifts

I have always enjoyed the seemingly sappy yet totally sweet sentiment behind Mother’s Day considering how close I am with my own mother and now my mother in law as well. There is no question that I would not have made it through these past few months as a mom of multiples without their 24/7 support. Now that I am a new mom myself, I can truly appreciate how important it is to have a day devoted to recognizing and appreciating moms everywhere.



To celebrate the occasion of my very first Mother’s Day with Jack and Charlie, I was lucky enough to receive some very special presents that I thought I would share with you here. Not that Mother’s Day should be  all about gifts- it is definitely about much more than that –but these are some suggestions to make the moms in your life, whether they’re brand new mommas of newborns or seasoned grandmothers, realize just how much you care!


My husband got me a stunning necklace that is not only stylish, but keeps my babies close to my heart at all times. The talented team at Lilliane’s Fine Jewellery created an elegant version of a small gold dog tag with the initials of the boys on one side and their birth date on the other.


Hung on a longer chain, the result is a piece that is delicate enough for everyday wear, but with a modern edge. If we ever have more kids, additional charms in varying sizes or shapes can be added with their initials and birthdates, or perhaps even their birthstones. It’s a totally personal gift that I love to bits and I am so excited to add this meaningful present into my daily wardrobe rotation.


Sidenote: Lilliane’s also made a stunning white gold necklace for my mother that turned out so beautifully. Paired with a diamond chip, it honours her new status as a grandmother and she can add more tags with the initials of her future grandchildren onto the chain as they arrive into the world. She loved it!


The second special gift takes the typical notion of a bouquet of flowers to the next level. As many fellow new homeowners know, tackling a huge reno often means putting landscaping on the backburner until you’ve recovered from that huge financial investment on the interior. What a fabulous idea then for the gift of a flowering tree to a new mom moving into her forever home. They can watch the tree grow right along with their kidlets! I grew up next to a magnificent Magnolia tree and am so excited that my parents are generously gifting me a little tree of my own to plant in our front yard. I can’t wait until it grows and sprouts those gorgeous pale pink blooms in front of my living room bay window. What a poignant way to mark your years of motherhood!


The last present was also an unexpected treat from my sisters, aka the best aunties around! As a noted tea devotee, my sisters knew a gift of fruity iced teas and a mason jar from David’s Tea would make me a happy camper. Hydration is now more important than ever due to my constant nursing and pumping, so sipping on these refreshing iced teas will be a great way to get in some H2O. Even better than the actual gift itself was the darling card depicting three bags of tea steeping the special qualities of a mom: care, warmth and love. Precious! 

Here’s wishing my fellow mothers of the world a very happy Mothers Day! Thank you for all that you do and I hope that your families made you feel as special and appreciated as I did today!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Showers

The not so wonderful weather Toronto has been experiencing this year has meant we’ve waited for like ever for some sense of spring. Yes there are some May flowers poking their heads through the soil, but I’m still expecting a hefty dose of leftover April showers.

The unavoidable inclement weather would be a lot more bearable in the divine Baby Gila raincoat from Trout Rainwear. This fashion-forward outwerwear label designed and made in Canada proves you can have breathable waterproof rain gear that doesn’t need to look like you picked it up at Mountain Co-op.



I love this particular trench-style coat for its romantic oversize hood and whimsical touches like the Liberty  print on the collar and contrasting white tape on the inside of the zipper. It’s not cheap at $665, but it’s a perfect example of investing in a timeless staple that will carry you through many springs to come. If spring ever does come…