Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet on Sweet Tables

Inspired by the Amy Atlas interview in Style At Home’s July issue, I put together a sweet table for the latest SAH episode of CityLine. (If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out Amy’s site for amazing inspirational tablescapes and dessert styling- she is quite the talent!)


Our table for CityLine would of course not have been possible though, without the awesome companies who donated their sweets to our segment, including Cake Opera Co. (obvs they had to be included) and Oak Leaf Candy. Their to-die-for cake centrepiece and other decadent treats had everyone in the studio drooling over their beauty! Crate and Barrel and Shop Sweet LuLu were also kind enough to provide some killer containers for the table as well-  how awesome are the straws and little glass jars!


Watch the clip here for some tips on creating your own sweet table!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Latest Dispatches


Thanks to Vancouverite Barbara for including me in her So Canadian, Eh? series on her blog, Hodge:Podge. Her lovely compliments are much appreciated and I hope you enjoy the interview!


Also fresh online is part 2 of my apartment makeover post on the Style At Home blog, which details my before and after furniture makeovers.

Friday, June 10, 2011

In Defense of Million Dollar Decorators


When it premiered last week on Bravo, Twitter feeds would have had you thinking that Million Dollar Decorators was a blasphemous show that shamed the design industry and literally made fellow design professionals want to barf with disgust.


one of my fave Mary MacDonald rooms

The gossip had me chomping at the bit so when I eagerly tuned in to W network on Sunday night when it debuted here in Canada, I was pleasantly surprised but more so confused why there were so many haters. In fact, I was so enamoured I just had to chime in and stick up for the show.


one of my fave Martyn Lawrence-Bullard rooms

First of all, people were chattering away by how insensitive to the economy the show is and how they throw around such large numbers. Newsflash! It’s called Million Dollar Decorators. Not decorators who work on projects with healthy budgets. Not decorators who manage to make a living. The used the word “million” for a reason. These people are the best at what they do! They have books and brands dedicated to their style and the clientele to afford them. I know we all have different ideas on how 25 k can be better spent than on a been there done that damask rug, but it ‘aint your money and the concept is decorating for the rich and famous in LA - so don’t get all shocked when they throw around the big bucks. The show is definitely playing with the fantasy element here, where us regular folk are catching a glimpse into what its like at the top, so take a chill pill and enjoy the escapism.


one of my fave Nathan Turner vignettes 

People were also calling out the diva personalities and chutzpah of the five designers. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure the majority of successful designers I know are pretty out there, loud and quirky. Creative genius often goes hand in hand with eccentricity.  It’s what makes them interesting and the best part is waiting to hear what will come out of their mouths next (I’m just happy I’m not at the receiving end anymore). I know 99.9% of us would never dream of reacting like Mary did to her client getting a divorce and selling her dream project, nor would we be charmed by Martyn’s incessant name dropping and his calling a Barcelona chair an Eames, but it’s a reality TV show on Bravo. Do you think they were looking for quiet hum-drum humble folk?


one of my fave IRELAND vignettes 

Maybe I’m jaded after working at a high end firm and being a part of a reality-TV production, but honestly, I think it’s a riot.

Canucks can tune in this Sunday at 9pm to catch episode two and see what all the fuss is about.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smile You’re Engaged!

A popular option most couples opt for these days is to take engagement portraits with their wedding photographer. It not only offers a chance to work together prior to the big day so you can iron out any kinks, but it also lets you get comfortable in front of the camera with your fiancée. For my portraits, I always knew I wanted to part with the usual hum drum jeans and white shirt sessions you see everyday and try something fun and different. Luckily Dave put on his accommodating hat again and indulged me and our photographer Storey Wilkins!

dave and jess 1dave and jess 6

We started in the apartment where the setee got some cheeky action (and lucille snuck in there too!), and then moved outside into our neighbourhood to hang out by a blooming cherry tree I had scouted. (Storey and I timed the shoot in May to take advantage of the gorgeous blooms)

dave and jess 8image

But the real fun began when we unleashed the mammoth bunch of balloons I had ordered (inspired by the whimsy and plain old prettiness of the Miss Dior Cherie ad that Sofia Coppola created)

dave and jess 7dave and jess 3dave and jess 5imagedave and jess 4

We had a great time and are thrilled with the end results.

Thank you Storey!

(all photos by Storey Wilkins)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shopping Sweet LuLu

For a woman as possessed by decorating and entertaining as me, I have been hard pressed to tear myself away from Shop Sweet LuLu- an online boutique selling some of the cutest tabletop items and favour packaging that I have seen on market in one convenient adorable place! All the amazing product has inspired dozens of different ideas on how to incorporate them for future soirees, but for now here are just a smattering:


Striped paper straws in your colour scheme add zip to any signature cocktail you serve at a party. For a retro theme, mix up all of the various hues for a nostalgic sipper!


These greek-key paper napkins and plates are divine with their juicy and spunky colours! Use them to add a glam Palm Beach vibe to your table.


These adorable striped paper candy cups would be perfect to fill with  assorted flavours of gelato, ice cream, or granita and pass around on a tray at a summer BBQ.


These chevron-printed tiny treat bags are so au-courant and festive filled with candies and other sweet takeaways at the end of a party.


Plain jane grocery store candles pale in comparison to these adorable striped and polka-dotted babies in a variety of great colours.

Happy browsing!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lofty Loafers

Last week saw me channeling my inner furniture mover with two back-to-back shoots filled with a lot of heavy lifting. (ah the glamorous life of a design editor!)
The shots turned out amazing and I had a blast, but unfortunately my feet were not dressed the part and my trusty Ferragamo flats did little to protect and provide proper cushioning for my tootsies.

I joked with my colleagues about purchasing some orthotic footwear/old lady shoes that would make a 12-hour shoot day more bearable, so on Saturday I set out to find more suitable-soled shoes. The catch is they needed to be able to slip on and off easily so as not to offend the condition of a client's pristine flooring or scuff up a pricey white rug on loan.
Enter the wonderful world of Cole Haan's Nike air line and their current take on the classic loafer. I sported them all day on Monday and my feet were cushy and comfortable the entire time. Paired with jeans they may be my new shoot staple!