Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lofty Loafers

Last week saw me channeling my inner furniture mover with two back-to-back shoots filled with a lot of heavy lifting. (ah the glamorous life of a design editor!)
The shots turned out amazing and I had a blast, but unfortunately my feet were not dressed the part and my trusty Ferragamo flats did little to protect and provide proper cushioning for my tootsies.

I joked with my colleagues about purchasing some orthotic footwear/old lady shoes that would make a 12-hour shoot day more bearable, so on Saturday I set out to find more suitable-soled shoes. The catch is they needed to be able to slip on and off easily so as not to offend the condition of a client's pristine flooring or scuff up a pricey white rug on loan.
Enter the wonderful world of Cole Haan's Nike air line and their current take on the classic loafer. I sported them all day on Monday and my feet were cushy and comfortable the entire time. Paired with jeans they may be my new shoot staple!


Bright Smile said...

Cole Haan are my go to comfort shoes (even their heels are comfortable!) And I'm loving the driving shoe style. Great to slip on for the walk (or ride) to work, and then slip off when I get there!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

oooh, love these! I am a loafer junkie, lol. Jusover from Hodgepodge - love your blog, new follower - x (and congrats on the new job!)