Monday, May 23, 2011

Bouquets of the Non-Blooming Variety

They do exist! Thanks to Forever Bouquets & Accessories, the recently-blossomed brainchild of Toronto local Emily Pike, brides can opt to carry stunning bouquets made of vintage jewellery and other bits and baubles if they’re not into the usual floral option.


Forever Bouquets & Accessories came to life when Emily wanted to forgo using flowers at her wedding and was thinking of other items to substitute in for the expected blossoms. Daring to be different after working in the bridal industry for years at Lift Beauty Boutique, she had her heart set on carrying a vintage jewelled clutch down the aisle - but decided she needed a compromise that would still give her the desired traditional vibe.


Enter her genius idea to combine the two for a bejewelled bouquet with a twist. Emily raided her own stash of costume  jewellery  for sentimental items such as her very first watch and a set of chandelier earrings that she wore to prom, and also asked her friends and family if they had anything that they could offer into the mix. After rounding out the various baubles with filler from crafts and antique stores, she had her very own custom meaningful bouquet that totally wowed her guests (including me) at the ceremony!

The overwhelmingly positive response from guests and other brides who saw her innovative creation has boomed into a new business, which also includes beautiful accessories.

Brides can work with Emily to customize the look and contents of their bouquets for their own unique bridal style statement or order headbands and other headpieces for their themselves or bridesmaids as well.

Check out Forever Bouquets & Accessories’s facebook page to get in touch with Emily and check out more of her creations.

(top two images by Storey Wilkins photography)

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this is good idea. It can make a bride stand apart :)