Monday, May 16, 2011

Engagement Party Cookie Favours


Our engagement party that my generous parents threw for us was last weekend and it was absolutely wonderful! Dave and I had smiles plastered across our faces the entire night and both of our families and friends had an amazing time.


In addition to making sure the soiree incorporated some of my favourite things, such as pink peonies and signature cocktails, I also dove headfirst into the Martha-inspired task of making homemade sugar cookie favours for an edible and memorable save the date treat to our guests.


Inspired by our silhouettes that we used on our invitations by Paper Ideas, I had custom cutters made by Victor Trading Co to match our eerily accurate profiles. My mother and I made 12 batches of my favourite sugar cookie dough, baked them up and then iced them over four very long nights. Rolling them all out took twice as long as anticipated (my pesky ponytail didn’t want to cooperate) and piping them first and then flooding later with the royal icing proved to be super time-consuming! We packaged them in cello bags with a scalloped card backing to help protect them from breaking and tied them up with black and white grosgrain and the little save the date card.


Despite my incessant borching throughout the lengthy process, the favours turned out great so here are some snaps I took of the cookies out of their packaging and next to our invite so you can get a closer look of our hard work:


PS- this weekend we also had our engagement portrait session with our wedding photographer Storey Wilkins!  We got dressed up and had some fun with nature and props, so I can’t wait to share some proofs when they come in :)

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Oksana @ Order Matters said...

Mazel Tov on your engagement! I love the cookies and a save the date card idea. Beautiful.
Found your blog through Marcus Design's post today. And congrats on Style @ Home!

Oksana from