Friday, May 29, 2009

Pink Ladies, Naughty Noshes and a Fabulous Bride to Be

My sisters and I are thrilled to be included in the bridal party for our beautiful bright and stylish cousin Alyssa.  As first-time bridesmaids, we didn't know what to expect at her bachelorette party a couple of weeks ago...


Luckily the maid of honour Rachel and fellow bridesmaids Penny and Julie planned a night full of hilarious hijinks that kept us entertained for hours


To add some  naughty flair to an otherwise girly spread, I baked some phallic cookies. To tone down the ick factor I iced them in purple and pink (normal, right?)


Some cookies got pretty pink pubes!


And others were customized with the bride's nickname.


A stunning homemade cake from Jaclyn Hafner was the perfect purple confection to top off our ice cream and sushi extravaganza


After we dressed up the bride, we surprised her with pink ladies jackets because we are cool riders for life.


We hopped on to a karaoke bus that was furbished in pink and black fur and vinyl and a stripper pole and embarked on a  fabulous scavenger hunt around the city.


Some odd karaoke choices were offered ("amazing grace" and "get up off of that thing" to mention a few)


The entire night was so amazing and provided an amazing bonding experience for the large bridal party (there are 14 of us gals marching!)


The wedding is this weekend and I am so excited that words hardly describe! Stay tuned for photos as the bride has amazing taste and it is going to be an unbelievably beautiful night!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

500 Posts!


The title of this post says it all – thanks for reading everyone. 

Did Someone Say Fierce?

I tried these on last weekend and swooned. Too bad these babies break the bank because they are amazingly perfect summer sandals. Patio-busting heels that won’t slip between planks and cocktail-spill-resistant patent are the clinchers, not to mention a slight platform helps matters too.


Please go on sale now- thanks!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blast From Architectural Digest's Past

The designer I work for collects issues of Architectural Digest. I thought it would be fun to browse some  of the older issues for some inspiration (and chuckles), and I was actually shocked at how relevant some of the design seemed today.


This 1977 vignette created by the late interior designer Arthur E Smith is taken from a Park Avenue duplex. I think the deco-esque round table mirror, lucite lamp sand tailored skirt on the console is totally something you could find in any recent issue of Domino!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rub A Dub Dub: It's a Garden in a Tub!


I accompanied the boy to a casual backyard BBQ at his cousin's place in downtown Toronto and was utterly charmed with their innovative gardening set-up:


Green thumbs Geoff and Robyn recycled the sinker tub that came with the house when they moved in and turned it into a garden for their beloved herbs and veggies.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend Cocktail #34: Passionate Prosecco

I know, I know. It's been ages since I posted a weekend cocktail...but now that warm weather has graced me with its presence I'm back in a patio frame in mind! To welcome delightful sunny weather to the city, try this recipe for a refreshing Passionate Prosecco.


Making cocktails with prosecco instead of champagne is not only recession-friendly, but when it is paired with refreshing passion fruit juice and a shot of Chambord it's guaranteed to look and taste like a high-end cocktail.


For each serving, mix 1 oz of chambord or another raspberry-flavoured liqueur, with 2 oz of passion fruit juice. Top with prosecco and enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Patachou Food Porn

Some tantalizing images I captured over lunch at Patachou a few weeks ago:

patachou (6)jackson falk (9) patachou (7)

When sourcing along the Rosedale strip stirs up an appetite it’s where I gladly head for sustenance

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bits and Bites of Beckerman

Toronto’s Beckerman sisters have made a name for themselves internationally with their wonderfully wacky and vibrant collections of clothing and accessories. Now they are bringing their unique fashion sense to their daily blog that is equal parts amusement and sartorial inspiration.


Everyday photos of the three sisters in their outfits are posted with descriptions, humorous explanations of the look, plus a fun fact! Here are some choice snapshots:

image image imageimageimage image  imageimage  imageimage imageimageimage image image  imageimage image

If you are into the Beckerman’s adventurous style, than surely you’ll adore one of their fabulous necklaces:


My sister adores hers and they’re only $75 bucks right here on their website. 

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1st Dibs Sofa Suites


I don't really equate 1st Dibs with deals, but sofa sets are often a great way to obtain value with antiques. Most designers gawk at the notion of using matched sets, but obtaining a well-priced sofa suite provides the perfect creative canvas for a variety of projects.


You can split up the suite in a number of ways: use a small scaled loveseat in an entryway and put the chairs in a living room. Use one chair in a study and use the remaining chair and the sofa in a family room, reupholster the chairs in one crazy fabric and the sofa in a simple get the idea!



The sets I have included in the post have interesting lines and unusual elements that add character to a room. Some clearly need new upholstery and others can hold their own in a modern room. Either way, there is no rule saying you must always use the set together and I would love to see them reincarnated in a contemporary setting.



Sellers will often give you a break when selling matched sets so make sure you use your imagination when scouting and explore the amazing potential of sofa suites.

Top to bottom: Italian 1960s Living-Room Suite Edited by Velca, Legnano, $8,374 , 1930's Art Deco Three Piece Seating Suite, $3,500 , 1950s Living-Room Suite, $5,786 , 1950's Swedish Sofa Suite, $5,800 , 1970s Leather Living-Room Suite, $3,806

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sherril Canet

There is something incredibly appealing about Sherril Canet's designs. The  unexpected use of brilliant colour, the layered textures pops of pattern- even the more neutral-hued rooms are incredibly sumptuous and detailed with varied textures and finishes.


PS- as nerdy as it sounds, I love all the lampshades in these rooms. Beauties!