Thursday, May 14, 2009

1st Dibs Sofa Suites


I don't really equate 1st Dibs with deals, but sofa sets are often a great way to obtain value with antiques. Most designers gawk at the notion of using matched sets, but obtaining a well-priced sofa suite provides the perfect creative canvas for a variety of projects.


You can split up the suite in a number of ways: use a small scaled loveseat in an entryway and put the chairs in a living room. Use one chair in a study and use the remaining chair and the sofa in a family room, reupholster the chairs in one crazy fabric and the sofa in a simple get the idea!



The sets I have included in the post have interesting lines and unusual elements that add character to a room. Some clearly need new upholstery and others can hold their own in a modern room. Either way, there is no rule saying you must always use the set together and I would love to see them reincarnated in a contemporary setting.



Sellers will often give you a break when selling matched sets so make sure you use your imagination when scouting and explore the amazing potential of sofa suites.

Top to bottom: Italian 1960s Living-Room Suite Edited by Velca, Legnano, $8,374 , 1930's Art Deco Three Piece Seating Suite, $3,500 , 1950s Living-Room Suite, $5,786 , 1950's Swedish Sofa Suite, $5,800 , 1970s Leather Living-Room Suite, $3,806

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