Friday, May 1, 2009

Mod Lounge in Amsterdam Airport

En route to South Africa we flew into THE Amsterdam Airport and hung out in the KLM Crown lounge.


It was super sleek and modern, with red egg chairs, lots of chrome and modular seating areas. The whole vibe was very swinging 60s and I loved how there were separate eating, entertainment and bar areas.

IMG_0365IMG_0358IMG_0360IMG_0361IMG_0364IMG_0363 IMG_0362

Because it was Amsterdam, there was a  flower shop on thew first floor of the terminal selling gorgeous tulips of every colour! They were so beautiful!


There were also the token souvenir tulip and delft blue china figurines for tourists to snap up...


Also worth mentioning is the most bizarre mcdonald's menu item I have ever seen: The McKroket. 


Based on the traditional Dutch food, a kroket, the McKroket is a deep fried crunchy roll containing beef ragout. I’m fairly adventurous with food but it looked as terrifying as it sounded so I stayed away


Arlynn said...

Ooohh, I've been here! And it WAS fabulous!

May father works in the airline industry & he says that the Ansterdam airport is the most spectacular airport in the world - and he would know : - )

Those tulips are georgous!!!

vicki archer said...

Hard to believe it was an airline lounge - I would have been very tempted by the tulips, xv.

Sari said...

So that's why I didn't see you guys anywhere in the airport! Little bit jealous now.

carly said...

those flowers are so presh, i want one
mckroket sounds so scary i want to cry, beef ragout??? that requires cooking and ingredients, i don't think mcdonalds can handle that