Friday, May 8, 2009

Hardware…More Than The Name Implies!


Hardware Interiors is more than the name implies. Inside this Queen East showroom/workshop you will find handmade furniture pieces and accessories – many of which are made from reclaimed and recycled materials.


This storage piece ($3,200) is a throwback to library card catalogues, but on a much bigger scale. But once you open the honed piece you get quite the surprise! 


The multiple banks of drawers are a facade for good ol’fashioned shelving!


This console ($995) is organic and glamorous at the same time with its subtle polish and clean lines. The mod desk lamp hanging on its surface with the marble base is a steal at just $130

P1060460 The doors of this amazing piece are art panels coated in a high-gloss resin. For $4,200, you not only get a large storage piece, but an innovative work of art!


This over-sized lamp is a modest $185. I love its bulbous shape and warm black shade. A pair of these would look awesome on a console in a foyer

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