Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tin Tin

I'm a sucker for storage. Whether it's a decaying British biscuit tin, pistachio-hued Laduree macaroon container or my old funny Sanrio stationary boxes, I have a hard time resisting cute containers. I can't bring myself to throw my old ones out and even worse, I have a habit of buying new ones as treasure tomes for my odds and ends.


This addiction can be useful, say you wanted to package some homemade goodies in one of the tins for a hostess gift or use a smaller cluster of tins to store cotton balls, q-tips and bobby pins on your vanity, but often mine just get stacked on a bookshelf inconspicuously hiding little trinkets. (like the pretty one above that I salvaged from my great grandfather's home)

While I may have to stop my addiction, here are some adorable tins from Etsy that you may wish to add to one of your own tablsescapes or vignettes:

Vintage Greecian Ladies Shabby Tin Made in England Flea Market Style Decor English Tin

Grecian Ladies Tin, $6.50


Vintage Tin from Holland, $10


Almond Roca Key Wind Tin, $18


Daher Vintage Tin, $20

Cool Vintage Tin

English Vintage Tin, $12

1 comment:

Arlynn said...

Those Grecian Ladies & Almond Roca tins are fabulous, I'd love to just display them above my cabinets in the kitchen!

Beautiful, you may have just helped me to start a new collection : )