Friday, December 25, 2009

A Quarter Century Surprise


A couple of weeks ago I was blown away with a fabulous surprise soiree for my 25th birthday. My mom and my sister Marlie coordinated with my besties, aunt and cousins to throw me a bash so I could celebrate with my nearest and dearest.


In homage to my motto, “a party doesn't throw itself,” many special touches were called upon to make it a true jessica claire affair. Stunning violet and yellow cupcakes, including a special pansy-adorned one pour moi, were set up with an array of tasty treats.


There were scrumptious macaroons from the adorable Bobbette & Belle bakery and even a signature cocktail!


Thanks to mom and mar for making it such a special birthday!


So Haute said...

Happy Birthday!!

ashlina said...

happy birthday my fellow capricorn! :)
your party looks fantastic, who doesn't love cupcakes and signature cocktails?

happy new year.

:) xo