Monday, September 20, 2010

When Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Stomach…

You should look to the beautiful artwork of Soojin Kim, whose depictions of sweets look good enough to eat. When I visited the Tao Water Gallery in Provincetown, I couldn’t help but swoon over both the skill of the artist and the subject matter! The paintings are so  lifelike that they could pass for photographs, but make no mistake, in person they are imbued with a depth and richness that only oil paintings can provide.


I would love to see a mini gallery wall of these cookie and cracker still life’s in a kitchen! (especially the teddy graham and goldfish- yummers!) The mix and match gold and wood framing adds to the off-beat feel of the series.


There is also the  oreo series, with it’s more simplified black and white palette that may appeal to more subdued tastes.


My personal favourite though, is the large square of candy spilling out diagonally across the canvas – how perfect would this be for a mod children’s room or nursery! The colours are so luscious and bright. I’m more of a chocolate and chips kind of girl, but looking at this piece makes me want some rockets right now!

Check out Soojin Kim’s website for more scrumptious works of art.


Brooke Michie said...

I have a little obsession with oreos, so the oreo series is just amazing to me! Thanks for sharing this.

KortneyShap said...

I love these!

Definitely can see the oreo series in my bedroom (just redone, in blacks/whites, and w/ subtle Zebra patterns).

jerilyn said...

Oh, Soonjin's work is amazing! Thanks for introducing me to it :)