Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Traditional Home In Our Toronto Kitchen


After sharing little bits and bytes of the kitchen reno at my family home and of course going into full blown detail about our sexy bunker days, it is with great pride that I finally get to share some beauty shots of our finished kitchen in all its glory, courtesy of the one and only Traditional Home! (I know, no big deal)


Designed by Taylor Hannah Architect, the kitchen was a dream come true for my gourmand mother, and the article goes into great detail about all the special functions and features that were incorporated into the design to suit her fancy chef needs.


Working on the story with the Meredith team and Toronto-based photographer Andreas Trauttmansdorf  was an absolute pleasure from start to end. My mom and I totally bonded with the lovely Khristi Zimmeth, who produced and styled the shoot and fell in love with our many animules. Coordinating with senior design editor Amy Elbert on the story to get all the details down pat was a delight, and we are so thrilled with how the spread turned out.


imageMake sure you pick up the  May issue on newsstands now  to read all about the process my mom and Dee Dee went into when approaching the kitchen design and for some helpful tips you should take into consideration when working on your own kitchen reno.

(Photos by Andreas Trauttmansdorf via Traditional Home)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Remodel. I am in love with the circular tile detail in the floor.

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