Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jessie’s Girls

My bridesmaids blew me away a couple of weeks ago by throwing me the most creative and original stagette ever! An homage to my early days as a rock’n’roll enthusiast, they planned an amazing night taking me on a crazy trip down memory lane.


Starting with a clever dinner with a menu named for some of my favourite bands over the years (awesome examples: “Linda’s Killers Caesar Salad” and “Macaroon5’s”), we gathered at my sister Marlie’s condo, which had been plastered with pictures of me in my band-crazed days for some fun and games.


No detail was spared with the presentation and decor - they even had special cupcakes made by the Duchess of Dough!


After dinner, donning t-shirts printed “Almost Married”and tattoo sleeves, we boarded my very own tour bus with and armfuls of inflatable guitars ready to visit special landmarks my maids chose to mark my indie rock days. Each one was a surprise and was preceded with a hysterical poem about its significance.


Once on the bus, they took it one step further by making me change into my super embarrassing token concert outfit that seemed cool to me in 2003. Yikes!


One of the stops was the Opera House, my most favourite venue ever,  and I don’t think I’ll ever live down wearing a veil and sash while watching thrash metal in the sound booth!


Another stop, Stone’s Place, was a festive dance party, where we boogied to an amazing playlist that had us working up quite the sweat! 


Thanks girls for an incredible bachelorette! I’m so lucky to have such an amazing crew who worked so hard to throw me such an unforgettable night!


amy walters said...

ooh, how the shirt from '03 ;) Congrats on your up-coming wedding. How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast! Where did they get the cupcakes done?!

Phantom Planet said...

sorry we missed it Jess! you're still gorgeous in that shirt;)

We love you!

~Phantom Planet