Thursday, March 6, 2014

Living Room Before and After: Part Two


Yesterday was the first look at my living room, and now here is part two of how it all came together.


With the furniture in front of the fireplace and by the bay window completed, now there were only the corners by the dining room entrance to address. I took the opportunity to purchase a couple of vintage items that I have always had my eye on for some time: a brass-detailed bar cart and swooped back statement chair.

living room- bar cart_thumb[2]

The Aldo Tura-designed bar cart was a serendipitous find at Era Antiques. After seeing so many versions of this iconic mid-century design in Miami that were out of my price range, who would think I’d stumble upon such a bargain right here in Toronto? I loved the rich swirling brown tones of the lacquered goatskin and of course, went mad for the brass details. Topped with vintage barware I sourced in Palm Beach it is party ready!


My “flair chair” is the pet name I gave my curved wood-frame seat that I found in the basement of Flik by Design. Ever since I saw similar-shaped chairs in a Jan Showers interior years ago I have kept my eyes open for the same type of frame.


The chair was in really bad shape, but before I could hand it over to Cooper Bros. for refinishing and reupholstering, I needed to find the perfect fabric. I knew I needed to go with a solid if I wanted to preserve the tufts and was looking for an unusual pop of colour. I debated acid yellow, hot pink and even aqua, but in the end settled on this luscious pinky-lavender mohair from Kobe Fabrics.


The plush purple mohair is so luxe and looks even richer against the deep wood frame. Set against the lacquered screen with the petite brass and granite side table and chandelier lamp it is the perfect spot to perch.


Another shot of colour is introduced into the room via the Angelica mirror by Made Goods. It looks like an antique thanks to its dreamy pale aqua painted finish and gilded details but is in fact a reproduction. Flanked by vintage crystal flower sconces from Residential Lighting , it adds a sense of old world romance that perfectly completes the fireplace focal point.


I wanted a matching pair of pieces to hang on either side of the fireplace and originally set aside two of the Marilyn Warhol prints from my apartment living room. Once they were up, I decided they weren’t giving me the desired vibe and that I was better off with something simpler and more neutral. I found two affordable black and white prints from PI Fine Art and dressed them up with an oversized mat and beautiful beaded gold frame and am much happier with the more refined mood they lend to the room.

living room- art_thumb[1]

The final piece of art was a wedding present – a multicolour abstract by artist Phil Hammon - and was the perfect pick to sit above my antique chest that houses some of my treasured porcelain. The rainbow of shades highlight the accent colours in the room and it provides more of the tension between traditional and modern that I love so much.


The custom creamy hair on hide rug from Reznick Carpets is the grounding piece that ties everything together thanks to its understated texture and pattern.  It echoes the herringbone motif seen elsewhere in the flooring and firebox, but is subtle enough thanks to it’s monochrome palette.


Rebecca { MyDarlingHouse} said...

Your house is gorgeous! I just discovered your blog and loved looking at all the pics of your renovation. Amazing work! Love the fireplace vignette the most, what a huge difference from the original!

Alison Dulaney said...

I cannot get over how beautiful your home is! The use of color, vintage pieces and gold is just extraordinary! Bravo :)

Dominique DeLaney said...

WOW what a looks insanely gorgeous!!