Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blush and Grey

I came very close to buying this beaded t-shirt from J Crew last week:


The soft grey hue combined with the blush petal pink of the stone embellishment reminds me of south sea pearls and is one of my favourite colour combinations.


The pallette conjures the design scheme of Molly Sims' NYC apartment, courtesy of Kishani Perera.


And the combo also reminds me of this stunning living room from Fox Nahem Design.


(pearl jewelry from Tiffany's)


Michele said...

Omg. How much do those kitchen stools look like little mushrooms? I die.
PS I totally thought you bought that shirt. It looked festive on you.

Jane said...

Love your blog! Signed on to follow.

MissBliss said...

Fab... love the song lyrics as art, and the next pic looks like a great spot to linger and read