Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blustery Days

Fall is here, which means my favourite tree in my neighbourhood has almost completely changed its leaves from the usual green to a vibrant reddish-orange hue.


As the green fades, so does the chance to wear open-toe shoes and the general presence of sunshine (yuck!), but it does bring on hat season (yay!), the chance to don leather jackets and boots and opportunities to walk Leya around the neighbourhood so she can crunch the fallen leaves.


One nearby tree has even sprouted apples, although they look fairly diseased as opposed to bright and juicy Chudleigh’s


These blustery days also mean Halloween is fast approaching. I’m currently taking orders for my homemade decorated sugar cookies so if you’re in Toronto and would like some delicious fall-themed treats, please e-mail me for more details!


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hello gorgeous said...

You're right: I must download that Pete Yorn and Scarlett song (and not just that one). Damn.