Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fabulous Fedora

I was not blessed with naturally beautiful hair. Instead I inherited a coif that is more Sideshow Bob than supermodel, so I rely on the aid of hats and messy buns to get me through the day.


Corta Fedora, $375.00

If this stunning chain-embellished fedora by Erik Javits, wasn't so darn pricey I would snap it up as a solution for my bad hair days (aka everyday). I love the hit of glamorous gold and the polished silhouette of the brim.


Anonymous said...

Nice Sideshow Bob pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, as a highschool freshman, the seniors used to call me side show bob. Not kidding.

I have since invested in brazilian keratin straightening, not because I want straight hair, but because I want hair that doesnt stand directly on end. It looks much much better... relaxed looser curls...

Sari said...

I think I have literally tried on this hat a dozen times at Holts (in camel). Saying that I adore it is an understatement!!