Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shaking it for the Cure

We’re already into the end of Movember, so  I know I’m not exactly timely on posting these, but I wanted to share some photos from CIBC’s Run for the Cure, which I participated in for the first time this year.


Our team name was TuTu’s for TaTa’s and we had such an amazing day downtown marching with survivors and supporters alike.

IMG_3399IMG_3391 IMG_3384

IMG_3336  IMG_3388IMG_3398

After the emotionally stirring walk, we celebrated with a festive brunch with adorable pink themed-decor –- even the chandelier was wrapped in tulle!

IMG_5802 IMG_5803IMG_5814IMG_3332

Not content to be left out, all four of the cats decided to get in on the tutu action in the days following.

   IMG_5793 IMG_5764 IMG_5778

Mis Miu went so far as to break into the closet so she could sleep in the bag that was storing them!


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