Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Living Room Inspirations...

As a decorator who gets to constantly delve into the wonderful world of fabrics, furniture and accessories every day, I am constantly clipping away images that inspire me. It can be something as minute as the accessorizing in the built-in's in the background, or as major as the colour palette, furniture and artwork; either way I collect these photos as references for my own work that help inform and open up my world of choices.

Designing the living room of my first apartment gave me a great opportunity to use some of my favourite images as jumping off points. With my favourite details from these images in the back of my mind, I curated my space to meet my and my boyfriend's needs (and budget!) while making a style stamp of my own.

Move-in day is just over 2 weeks away, so until I can show you the finished space, here are some of my favourite rooms that inspired my design:


(images top to bottom:  Peter Dunham, Jan Showers, Suzanne Kasler, Todd Romano, unknown, Kelly Wearstler, Anne Coyle and Nate Berkus, Dee Dee Hannah)


Anonymous said...

Love the images that inspired you.
so excited to see the finished space.

Jen of Made By Girl said...

The artwork is just sooo PRETTY! Essential part of any design. :)))))