Monday, June 14, 2010

To Nate!

Apparently it's Nate Berkus Day, so to hop on the blogosphere bandwagon, I will share my three top Nate-esque things that I love:


1.  Home Rules, his book that gives great step-by-step tips for creating a home you love. I picked it up as a housewarming gift for one of my besties, and I have to say one of my favourite parts is the amazing pattern printed on the hardcover book itself (dust jacket be gone!)

2. Katie Lee Joel's living room with its to-die-for greek key chairs and other eclectic but glam finishes...obsessed!

3. Last but not least, the Nate Berkus™ Hexagon Cocktail Ottoman from HSN, sadly could not be made mine due to stupid anti-Canadian policies by the Home Shopping Network, but it would have been perfect for my apartment!


Shannon said...

You can have it shipped to Buffalo, then just drive over and pick it have to declare it, of course...

We do this from time to time on items that are WAY cheaper in the states than in Canada...even after taxes...

Michele said...

best house warming gift ever!!! I love it!!! Also, I like your 'automan' better!