Friday, October 1, 2010

Stylish Sectional (no this is not an oxymoron)

Those of us in the biz know how hard it is to find a sectional that doesn't turn into a vacuous "L" sucking out every last ounce of style from the room.  I do have some favourites I return to now and then that I have used for clients in the past that are sure-things, but I was super excited to finally come across a sectional that really stands out from the crowd.


The 4800 Sectional Series by Lee Industries has a fabulous tall tight back with a side profile akin to a modern rectilinear wing-back chair. It's nailhead detailing and tapered legs add a glam element to it as well.


I had suggested it to one of my clients for their family room last month but they passed because it didn't look comfortable enough, so you can imagine my delight when I went to visit ELTE's recently revamped showroom and saw it on the floor! Not only does it look super festive in real life, but it was soooo comfortable!Usually people shy away from tight backs  thinking they won't be cozy, but the angle of repose, deep seat and lumbar cushions make it snug and stylish!

The affordable price is another bonus: $6,595 as shown from ELTE (not including the patterned toss cushions).

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Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

Want to see it in turquoise? I saw it last year at Exotic Home in Norfolk, VA and thought it was stunning!