Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saving Grace’s Savoury French Toast

A couple of my girlfriends and I are some of the more adventurous foodies of our bunch, so every few weeks we have been making a point to try out brunch spots around the city that are new to at least one of us.


This weekend we picked Saving Grace, a cozy restaurant in the Bathurst and Dundas area (which is also home to the buzzed about Hoof Cafe) After waiting outside on the twin park benches for 20 minutes, our trio was seated in a corner nook. (NOTE: seating capacity is not exactly generous so don’t choose Saving Grace for a big get together with your girls!)


I was totally overwhelmed by both the regular menu’s choices  and the daily specials on the blackboard – everything looked so delish and different! To solve the dilemma, my girlfriends and I ordered one extra dish to split amongst us in order to taste as much as possible.


I ordered a tasty mochaccino which was just the right amount of sweet and a perfect start to our meal, and picked the poached eggs with rapini, tomatoes and pancetta as my main.


As our group selection, we went with savoury french toast with gruyere, caramelized apples and roasted red onions, which was my favourite!  The buttery bread and combo of salty cheese and sweet apples was divine!

Check it out for yourself at Saving Grace at 907 Dundas St West.

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