Monday, February 7, 2011

Pearls For My Girls


I am very lucky to have an amazing group of close girlfriends and family to call my bridesmaids.  I was stumped trying to imagine a clever way to ask them to stand next to me on my special day, so I decided to combine the bridesmaid gift with “the ask”…


The result is a riff on Lu Lu Guiness’s mantra, “Put on Your Pearls Girls” which alluded to their present: a vintage pearl necklace which they will each don the day of the wedding.


I handmade the cards, using an archival image of Jackie O’s bridal party that I found online showing her maids all in pearls too! (not that I’m Jackie-O material but it doesn’t hurt to try and channel her class act on this important occasion). I used my trusty doily-lace scallop-edge punch from Martha for the top detail and finished it off with a single ivory bloom sticker with a pearl pistil. I wrapped the boxes in black and white tissue and a hand-tied ballet pink satin bow completed it all perfectly (could this be a clue to my colours perhaps…)

More wedding posts will be coming up so keep reading if you’re feeling bridally-inclined!


Dayna said...

Gorgeous cards! Made with so much thought and love. Congrats on your engagement, can't wait to see more wedding details.

gia said...

Great idea, and I think pearls might go with the winter months. You've inspired me to maybe make a necklace with a silver chain and with pearls on it too, so it's a "casual" pearl necklace. :)