Tuesday, February 10, 2009

64th and queen and Castor

Alth0ugh not classified as interior design firms per say, 64th and Queen and Castor are the final two pieces in the 5x5 designer puzzle. I put them together because they are the most unconventional of the lot and their talents span quite the range.


First up is Castor, a quirky duo composed of stone carver Brian Richer and architecture student turned art director Kei Ng. With their varied backgrounds and savvy for the unexpected, Castor creates unusual pieces ranging from recycled tube light fixtures to unusually fashioned-credenzas. Most recently they have opened the communal table resto Odd Fellows on hipster queen street to much fanfare.


Last but not least there is 64th and Queen, a Toronto boutique firm spearheaded by ARIDO-award winning designer Clayton Budd and renowned production designer Callum Maclachlan. With their hipper than thou fusion of art and design plus retail and hospitality experience spiked with a heaping dose of digital, they are responsible for cutting-edge productions, set-designs and more.

Here are some amazing photos from their portfolio:

imageimageimage image imageimageimage

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