Monday, April 13, 2009

Statement with a Capital “S”

One can never go wrong with a standout piece of costume jewelry that makes them feel like a billion ornamented bucks. The statement necklace has fulfilled that job for many, but I haven’t seen that many chunky necklaces that  I’d try out myself.

imageMade of wood, vintage brass links and swarovski & czech crystals, this beauty is quite the accessory and may be the one to change my mind! Made by Tanielle Franklin, it retails for $280 and is both commanding but feminine with its large scale yet sparkling materials.

I spotted local designer Franklin wearing a version at an event and I commented on how much  I loved it – but little did I know she had made it herself!


For more information on Tenielle Franklin's jewelry, check out or visit her etsy store to purchase.

1 comment:

Arlynn said...

Wow, this is one beautiful necklace!!! The colors are ideal for SO many outfits & what drama : - ) LOVE it!