Monday, April 27, 2009

Stemz Floral Design Studio


It’s not often  I walk into a retail space and sigh out loud with pure contentment.... but such was the rare case at Stemz.


The warm smell of spring flows through this open concept floral studio on Queen East but the delight goes way beyond your olfactory bulb...


When you enter the narrow sun-lit space you are literally presented with a visual feast of fauna styled against a historic brick wall, chalkboards with price listings and an elegant cold storage framed in classic mouldings.


You can see the creativity by looking at the innovative and interesting containers used for the arrangements, and the linen-covered setee, white-washed mirror and vintage sink add extra charm.


Stemz services customers walking in off the street looking for some blooms to take home, but their real bread and butter is weddings and special events.


There are also workshops offered for people looking to develop their floral skills (perhaps a sweet mother's day activity to try...)


Visit Stemz for yourself at 783 Queen Street East.


Arlynn said...

Wow, this place is fantastic... I think I let out a big beautiful sigh just sitting here, looking at them : )

And those tulips are divine!

Laura [What I Like] said...

That place looks so pure and clean. I love it! And am kind of wanting those succulents, truth be told.

Lauren said...

I've used Stemz several times for events and they are great to work with. They always deliver amazing flowers and unique arrangements. They are accomodating and helped us meet the needs of a very demanding client. (They even came back to an event three times because the client was so fussy).

I highly recommend the Stemz girls.