Monday, April 6, 2009

Take it to the Wall

No longer content to be stacked on coffee tables and stored on the shelves of your average bookcase, books have now been transported to your walls!

Montreal artist Paul Beliveau is known for his realistic depictions of book spines lined up or stacked upon one another. Often their subjects are of similar themes, and they are a great way to convey your own interests on your wall - not to mention the amazing shots of colour!


The Umbra Conceal Bookshelf transforms your book collection into 3-D works of art. You can curate the stacks by colour or subject to enhance the shelve's decorative presence.

Self-taught Toronto-based artist Holly Farrell paints still life works with a nostalgic quality, including these dog-eared copies of cook books that would look perfect in the eat-in area of a kitchen.


Yet another two-dimensional way of bringing books to the wall, this Cole & Son Fornasetti Ex Libris Wallpaper is quirky yet chic. Possessing an academic air, the paper has subtle hits of colour and would be wonderfully unexpected in a living room or powder room.


Nat said...

How much are the UMBRA invisible bookshelves? Do you think they'd look good on the wall above my vintage black chair?

Łucja said...

Idea of bookshelve made of books is great, also as activity in DIY kind :) Personally I have made bookshelves of books in my living room and it's not only a great solution when it comes to keeping small stuff, but it's a great decoration of walls too :)
PS. You write very interesting entries, really! :)