Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cake Opera Co: A Symphony of Sweets


One of my absolute favourite booths at The Wedding Show last weekend came courtesy of local pastry genius’s The Cake Opera Co. I had scoped out the website very briefly prior to the show after reading in one of the tabloids that they created the cake for Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, but I still was awe-struck after seeing the creations live and in person at the show. Not only were they gorgeous, but they had an eccentric couture twist to the designs that I hadn’t seen from the other cake bakers at the show.


After sampling the incredible red velvet cake and meeting Alexandria and Jessica, the dynamic duo behind Cake Opera Co., I proceeded to spend an inordinate amount of time on their website ogling all the literal goodies!


From the first image of a graffiti’d Marie Antoinette that greets you on the homepage, to all the detail shots of their desserts, it was hard to pick my favourites! Check out these unbelievable works of art:


Not just one-trick ponies, Cake Opera Co. go way beyond the confines of cake:


Butter cookies, cupcakes, croquemboche, meringues, macaroon towers and marshmallows are just some of the other tasty and gorgeous treats they can customize to perfection!


Cake Opera Co. will combine any number of their fanciful desserts into operetta tables to complement the theme of your event –  it’s edible set design! Check out their retail storefront and concept studio at  1136 Eglinton Avenue West to see (and taste!) for yourself.

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Michele said...

If this doesn't scream j.c.w. I don't know what does!!!!! Love you lovely xoxo