Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Rug Company in Miami


Everyone knows The Rug Company – how can you not considering the brand’s drool-inducing catalogue with its impeccably deigned roomsets… Even though I kind of know the catalogue by heart, I still find myself drifting into one of their showrooms whenever I get the chance and the Miami Design District location is no different.


Not to be outdone by the piles of rugs you can peruse with their enigmatic colours and patterns, the cushions are drool- worthy too– I find Vivienne Westwood’s and Tara Bernerd’s to be especially divine!


Of course the infamous LOVE wall hanging is also another reason to stop in and see the beautiful handmade works of art in person.


All the showstoppers are there to see and feel in the flesh; witness Paul Smith’s infamous swirl and the gorgeous yet slightly askew Papillon by Tara Bernerd..


One rug which was great to see in person was Peony by Helen Ann Murray- the texture is divine and you can’t truly appreciate the motif until you see it in its three-dimensional glory.


Highlights of the McQueen collection are everywhere, including the awe-inducing gold and black rug with its chinoiserie feel and the signature needlepointed skull cushions.

Now if only I could find room in my apartment (and in my pocketbook) for this, this, and this..

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