Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Project Glam Kitchen: Millwork

I looked into big-box cabinetry options for the kitchen millwork, but after not being able to find a shaker door style and finish that I loved as well as not loving the idea of being confined to standard sizes only (which lost us a lot of precious inches in our apartment kitchen) I decided to go the custom route. With their stellar reputation for service and endless customization options, I chose to work with Cameo Kitchens and Fine Cabinetry.

I had a great time touring the showroom on Lawrence, where it was very helpful to see all of the different interior storage options, look at different layouts and door finishes and touch and feel how the hinges and drawers felt. As an avid cook and entertainer, I enjoyed having so many choices at my fingertips that catered to my needs and loved working with Gita, a personal kitchen designer who would translate my plans into actual shop drawings.

cameo- door profiles

We started with a frameless kitchen construction, which was more wallet-friendly than a more labour-intensive framed kitchen, and chose a classic shaker profile for the doors that wasn’t too fussy. Having the millwork sprayed in Benjamin Moore Cloud White keeps the traditional look fresh and timeless.

A crown moulding detail between the upper cabinets and bulkhead and a nice valance below add polish and detail to the cabinetry. A valance underneath your uppers is always a great idea if you’re going to have under-cabinet lighting, as the depth of the decorative moulding can hide puck lights or LEDs quite well.

island baseboard- SAH
Another millwork detail that made a huge difference was a baseboard profile on the island as opposed to a plain toe kick. This truly makes the island look like a finished piece of furniture and I’m so glad we added that upgrade, considering the profile of the island is the first view you get when you walk into the kitchen.

Drawers are always the most efficient form of storage in a kitchen as opposed to cupboards with shelving, so we included three banks of them, as well as two drawers under the cooktop (a narrow one for pans and a taller one for pots).

cameo- pantry

It was great to see all the various pantry storage options. I chose simple wood pull outs in the end so I could reach everything easily and have the most flexibility in how I stored everything.

Custom inserts keep utensils and cutlery well organized and at the ready when whipping up a meal and setting the table, and a LeMans system in the single corner allowed me to corral a lot of small appliances into a tight space.

cameo- waste management

My husband is keen on green, which means having a waste management area to properly sort our garbage, recycling and organic waste was paramount. With a handy drawer above the garbage and green bin, new trash and recycling bags are always at the ready. We didn’t go with this exact version but it was great to see all the possible configurations.

up next: countertops and backsplash

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LifeBegins@Thirty said...

We have a Cameo kitchen - luckily the owners before us were the ones to put it in, but we have LOVED it. The quality is phenomenal and honestly - the number of times my son has opened and closed and slammed and leaned on the drawers/cupboards? Can't even tell. Awesome company!