Monday, November 3, 2008

Channeling My Inner Antiques Dealer at Of Things Past

I can’t help it. I’ve been sucked in and am stuck with the bug: I cannot stop trolling antique stores for treasures wanting a new home! If I had a house to call my own or a flea market booth to stock than this whole situation would be dandy…alas I am without either.


I keep on wanting to snap up the finds I come across on my store visits and despite common sense vying for equal attention with my lust, I still find myself having anxiety dreams about the conversation chairs and gilded bar carts that got away!


Witness exhibit A: my trip today to Of Things Past, a consignment store in Toronto. High end consignment stores are a great way to score solid deals and today I found some great candidates. Some were perfect as is and others were waiting for upholstery and paint makeovers, but in the end the fact remained that I would only be able to leave with something small as my trophy (which was actually a super cute orange tea cup)

Here are the homeless beauties:


Yellow sateen armchair with flower, $525


Three Panel Chintz Screen, $263


Fruitwood desk with green leather top, $639


Pair of distressed silk tufted conversation chairs, $2,050


Crystal Lamp with Brass Stand, $210


Italian White Handled Cutlery, $37


Arched Mirror with Gold Bead Motif, $93


Barrel Back Double Caned Chair, $570


kay* said...

oh gosh! i'm in the same boat as you and am serioulsly considering opening an etsy shop so i can take some of the smaller goodies home and, in turn, find them good homes! the cutlery and mirror or so fab! i may have snatched those up as they're fairly easy to store... Maegan said...

omg....all of it is phenomenal!!! I can't even pic a fav!