Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chanuka at Crate and Barrel

The holiday season is fast approaching so I trekked to my local mall last weekend to get a head start on Chanuka shopping.  I stopped into Crate and Barrel and got so excited when I saw silver and blue Chanuka wares available, along with the usual sea of red, green and white! Ever the early bird, I snapped up a roll of Marimekko wrapping paper to use on the gifts I picked up.


Here are some other Chanuka offerings from Crate and Barrel:


Hannukah Gift Cards, $3.50


Column Menorah, $34.95


Hand-Dipped Menorah Candles, $9.95


Dreidel Placecard Holders, $19.95

1 comment:

Cote de Texas said...

I need to go there and stock up on supplies for Hanukkah!!!!