Friday, December 12, 2008

Baking Mecca at McCaul's


In the past I've  posted about some of my sugar cookie creations and about my belief that there is a cookie design for almost every occasion (there so is), so I was long overdue to visit the GTA's mecca of baking: McCall's.


Encountering the largest selection of cookie cutters I have ever seen, I enthusiastically scanned the wall and plucked obscure shapes and themes to tuck away for future events. Now I will have a martini glass for predrinks, champagne flutes and rings for bridal showers, and tea pots and saucers for tea parties!


The great wall of cookie cutters!


Sugar decoration gallore!


Baking pans in novelty shapes!


Cake pans in every size!


Specialty cook books for baking and decorating!


Plus there's a school at the back of the store that offers classes on cake decorating and more!


Stay tuned for photos of all my holiday baking and check out the McCall's online store and website for more info on their speciality items and classes!

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