Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sleigh Beds Ring

I’ve always been on the fence about sleigh beds. I understand the regal sensibilities of the historic silhouette but it also makes me think of Edmund being fed Turkish delight by the ice queen while under the shelter of fur blankets in her sleigh a la Narnia. Despite my hesitance towards the shape, here are some bedrooms with sleigh beds that  I find to be perfectly cozy:



beds said...

I have a sleigh bed from Restoration Hardware that I love. We opted to not have the footboard so we could see the TV. They have an option to not do that, and yet finish out the end of the bed.


those bedroom are amazing .. liked the colors in the 2nd one .. I wish to paint my walls with that shade !

Anonymous said...

Could you give a source for the second photo? I am DYING for that bed!! So gorgeous!