Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Button, Button, Whose Got The Button?

After seeing this stunning photo on flickr I was inspired to make some button cookies of my own with my tried-tested-and-true mrs. fields' sugar cookie recipe.

botones by minzimiu.

I kneaded food colouring into the chilled dough and cut out small circle shapes with a cookie cutter. I then pressed the cap of a small spice container into the cut-out to make the second ring and finally I poked out four holes with a toothpick. Rather thank sprinkling on sugar, I opted to frost them with a thin layer of royal icing after they were baked and cooled. I just had to make sure the icing didn't pool in the button holes.

Here's what I ended up with:


To be honest they didn't taste as delish as I had hoped but they looked quite pretty! My only regret is that before I could style them in a nice photograph, the button cookies I had set out to post were gobbled up by a mystery snacker! You'll have to make do with the feh photo I snapped at a predrink above :(


Arlynn said...

I think these look super cute, and how precious would they be for a baby shower?!?!

And they must have been tasty or there would have been some left to photo : )

Nat said...

haha they were very tasty indeed! I think I know who the guilty snacker was....