Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It’s Official

I have a crush on Mark Ronson.


He’s totally gifted when it comes to musical arrangements, producing & DJ’ing, brother to sam and charlotte, half-brit, sharp dresser and Ashkenazi to boot!


Last week Alex from Phantom Planet revealed he and Mark have a writing date for a new project and I couldn’t be more excited considering their last collaboration yielded this.


Even if he’s dating Daisy Lowe (not-so-secret daughter of Gavin Rossdale and 19 to his 33) , I still will cultivate my crush on him due to insatiable talent and that impish grin.


Pick up the latest issue of Bazaar to read more about Mark’s unusual upbringing and see amusing pics that pit the well-rounded sibs as the eccentric Tenenbaums.



Lauren said...

Oh yes, he is such a cutie! How did I not know he was dating Gavin's love child?!

Bayjb said...

Oh he is cute and I love that Royal Tennenbaum's photo shoot. My boss went to college with him. He is adorable.

DianeSprinkles said...

I hear he takes it in the pooper.