Monday, September 8, 2008

Love, Life and Style at Lileo


Located in Toronto's historic Distillery District and founded by Syd Beder and Alexandra Bennet - the visionaries who brought Lululemon to the East coast of Canada - Lileo is Toronto's answer to Fred Segal.


Innovative, chic, well-stocked and well-designed, Lileo offers a complete lifestyle package to its customers who seek fashionable living with a social conscience.


Named in homage to Renaissance thinker Galileo Galilee, Beder and partner Arlene Pastor curate the clothes, accessories, books, beauty products and art pieces offered in the bright and airy space for a gallery-esque shopping experience.


With the aim to inspire and challenge shoppers to think outside the box, Lileo's stunning interior design showcases the merchandise in a lofty open-concept format that encourages browsing and contemplation.


Designed collaboratively by 3rd Uncle and Gorbet Design Inc, Lileo's wooden beams, exposed brick, large glass doors and multitude of windows are the perfect backdrop for the style-savvy merchandise and eclectic worldly offerings.


What drew me into the space initially were the whimsical displays, layered with textures and different objects that were begging to be picked up and played with.


I instantly zeroed in on the row of giant juicy faux gummy bears and incredible rubik's cube depictions of pop culture icons by Robert McKinonn. (How awesome are the Marilyn Monroe and Jim Morrison ones above?)


With a wall of fame signed by celebs and local heroes passing through, such as National Ballet of Canada dancers and Rachel Bilson, it is evident that Lileo is a popular destination for fashionistas and visiting Distillery tourists alike.


Famished shoppers can visit the in-house Livia juice-bar, named in honour of Galileo’s daughter, which provides healthy and tasty lunch and beverage options.


Hot lines carried by Lileo right now include Rag and Bone, Naked and Famous Denim, A.P.C., Mike and Chris and coming soon is the Conference of Birds collection by Andrew Holden.

My favourite picks from Lileo for Fall:


Snow hat embellished with rabbit fur,$265


What Goes Around Comes Around Black Jacket with Faux-leopard trim, $734 


Hunter Silver Wellies, $125

Check Lileo out for yourself when visiting the Distillery district at 55 Mill Street, Building 35 or visit for more info.


Anonymous said...

that hat is so you jessie

Anonymous said...

Avoid this store !!!!
I recently was overcharged by 20% on an over-sized photo book (I was charged $285, instead of the $238 CLEARLY marked on the book). When asked the staff shurged it off and said that was the price in the computer. When contacted management promised to look into it, but now more than a month later, and repeated attempts to contact management, I've had no replies or attempts to settle this deiscrepancy.

This shows a total disregard for for consumer pricing legislation and a complete lack of customer service!
Many other retailers want & appreciate your business....DON'T SHOP HERE!!!!!...GO ELSWHERE....GO WHERE THEY WANT YOUR BUSINESS !

shoppingugg said...
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