Friday, September 12, 2008

Meet Jen and Tom

imageThe California home belonging  to designer Jennifer De Longe and her hubby rocker Tom (of Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves fame) is charmingly spunky.

It's been stuck in my mind since it was featured in In Style Home last year and 12 months later I find the look remains trendy, yet comfortable.



The innovative mix of prints, such as Vivienne Westwood's Union Jack from The Rug Company paired with a zebra-print rug and a toile-upholstered wing chair, create such an eccentric aesthetic that suits the artsy couple well.

Both children's rooms shy away from cutesy pastels and are so adventurous.

The gallery-style walls of art, bright colours and fearless use of pattern and texture makes this one of my favourite celebrity homes of all time!

(Photos from In Style' Home's fall/winter 2007 issue via renovate and decorate)

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hello gorgeous said...

I am so in love with this house - how did I end up with so much traditional furniture when this is who I really am?

I found you via SGM.