Thursday, September 10, 2009

Introducing Aromachology

It's not everyday I get to post about a world-class product created here in Toronto by my very own friends, so I am extra excited to talk about Aromachology - a custom fragrance experience that matches your personality to your very own personalized perfume.


Created by Ashlee Firsten and Kirsten Menkes, the former a chemical engineer and the latter a PR whiz, Aromachology makes buying and wearing your perfume an innovative and intimate experience. As a victim of countless department store ladies chasing me with foul-smelling spritzes, I was very keen to learn more about the product and was lucky enough to score a sneak peak of the process.


It all starts by filling out a scent profile that asks 10 easy multiple choice questions about your personal likes and dislikes. Your answers place you into 1 of 5 distinct categories: Sophisticated & Sensual Floral, a Totally Edible Gourmand, an Exotic Spicy Oriental, a Clean & Fresh or a Bold & Brisk Woodsy.


Once you have the base, you top if off with 3 out of 15 available notes to complete your one-of-a-kind creation. The notes correspond to classic aromatherapy functions, but are titled using adjectives, rather than the names of the scents. You can top your fragrance off with words such as passionate, sexy, spontaneous, focused, open minded or creative, resulting in a fine fragrance that reads totally you.


Each bottle is handmixed on site according to your unique formula, giving you a sense of empowerment and ownership of the scent -- plus the packaging is totally elegant and glamorous, making it worthy of being displayed on your vanity.

New Yorkers can experience Aromachology with a trunk show at Henri Bendels from October 26—November 2 and at Exhale Spa from November 3— 7.

Torontonians can high tale it now to the Aromachology pop-up perfume bar across from the main lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel  in Yorkville starting tonight until September 19th. I'll see you there!


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This is awesome! Now I can create my own scent, wow! That’s a very creative Idea. This will surly hit the market.

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This is a very interesting stuff, a customary fragrance of my own. Oh! That’s very clever! I can’t wait to grab one of these.