Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tales from TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival began last Thursday and by Friday night my TIFF activities had already ceased and desisted.


Thursday night was super caliente when I took in Pedro Almodóvar Broken Embraces – a fabulous film about the making of a film, with  a delicate noir vibe. The costumes and sets are eye-popping in certain parts- namely Penelope’s 90s power suits and her character’s apartment on the film set with its pop art colours and mod mood. 


Penelope is simply riveting when she acts and speaks in her native language. She looks stunning in the film and in person. The first photo is obviously a pap shot, the second I snapped while the Penelope gave a brief intro to the film.


Oliver Parker’s Dorian Gray was less enjoyable, made slightly more bearable by the good-looking Ben Barnes who plays the vain title role. Scenes meant to convey the wild sexuality and escapades that were kept behind closed doors of buttoned-up Victorian England are made laughable with over-the-top orgies and unnecessary gore flashed practically every 10 minutes. The story isn’t thoroughly explained in the film, not to mention the evil painting makes hissing noises that resemble a cheesy horror movie. All together not worth seeing, even if Barnes is not fully clothes for quite a few scenes…

Did you see any films this year? Any fun celeb sightings?

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