Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fierce Fornasetti Find

My jaw nearly dropped when I caught sight of this gold key and malachite faux-finished circular piece at Decorum Decorative Finds. The unmarked piece had 3 brass bolts on the underside, so unsure of what it was or what it cost, I took it to the front desk to get some answers


Little did I know it was a vintage  Fornasetti table top!  (The bolts underside are for table legs). Unfortunately, the Fornasetti name also comes with a Fornasetti price ($1,000), so even though it was a dream find that incorporated some of my obsessions, such as malachite and gold, it is obviously a no go.


It was displayed next to another green and gold Fornasetti table top (this one with the antique coin theme), so if you’re looking for a pair of unique vintage pieces you can buy them both for $2,000 on Decorum’s 1st Dibs site.

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