Friday, January 1, 2010

Lamp Makeover

One of our class assignments for fundamentals of interior design was to build a lamp. Rather than making something junky for the sake of a homework assignment out of an IKEA base and craft materials, I decided to transform an ugly yellow lamp base I found for $14 at value village into a signature piece to be used in my apartment living room.

lamp makeover (2)

I went to work sourcing a gorgeous shade and all of the materials needed to make it go from granny to glam. I decided on a black and gold palette (shocker), and chose a stunning oversized black drum shade with real gold leaf banding to bring the traditional silhouette of the base into modern times. I combined two of my favourite motifs: traditional crests and cameos, for a fun surface embellishment to stencil on the black base, which would complement the chinoiserie-esque footing.


A few coats of krylon ultra-flat black spray paint and a gold leaf pen later, I had my very own custom creation:


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ashlina said...

i soo want this lamp for my bedroom!