Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IDS 10 Recap

As a decorator I am instinctively drawn more to furnishings, finishes and accessories than any items that require mechanical or structural consideration. I’ll happily pick out tiling and stone options, cabinet profiles, hardware, fixtures and a backsplash for a kitchen or bath, but I’d still rather do a living room or bedroom any day! Therefore I found the offerings at IDS 10 to be a little out of my comfort zone, as there were way more kitchen, bath and fireplace exhibitors than anything else. (I guess that’s why it’s called the Interior Design Show and not the Interior Decorator’s Show)

Nevertheless I still took some shots of my favourite finds for you:


This vignette in the featured space by Ink and Mung Leung was quite striking.


I loved the elegant tufted velvet daybed from Roomy Interiors


Klaus by Nienkamper’s pendants had a twinkling sculptural quality


The beautiful Hermes-orange studded console from Snob is divine


Clayton Budd’s interpretation of a tartan in rug form, one of the winners of the Weaver’s Art ERA contest


The creative display of multicoloured shopping carts stocked with eclectic Canadian goodies at the Drake Hotel General Pop-Up Store.


The amazing range of colours available from Viking that pep up your average appliance


The low profile bowls by Katherine Morley 


The fabulous black, grey and yellow sample board from Threadcount


The raw quality of the salvaged wood furniture by North on Sixty


The orchid photo wall from The Art Stylists 


FTL +SC Studio’s interpretation of a garden shed, complete with a fabulous green hide meant to mimic grass


Croma’s Tromp D’Oeil kitchen

What did you think?


paiiige said...

i LOVED that green cow hide rug too so, so much.

and yes--i also agree that this year IDS was a little... meh? definitely something more construction-builder-supplies about it this year than year's past. (or: maybe because we all spend so much time searching out beautiful decor items on the internet now, a show just can't replicate it??)

The Goods Design said...

Some great photos! Particularly LOVE the Tromp L'oeil kitchen!

Lisa Canning said...

Hey Jessica- LOVE your blog. You and I have similar favourites from IDS- I love the Clayton Budd rug. Keep up the great work!